You did it, Latrell! First place. Looks like years of feeding your family rather than paying taxes finally paid off. That’s really something. Way to go, buddy.

And hey, third place for Anthony Mason. Not bad, big man. Not bad at all.

(via EOB)

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  1. Wait, Anthony Mason is on that list too…

  2. Haha, La Boulangerie, Inc! Something always felt wrong about that place.

  3. Man, really?
    Didn’t they see that guy coming?

  4. why does Anthony Mason owe any tax to Wisconsin?

  5. Didn’t Mason play for the Bucks at one time?

    And maybe this Latrell Sprewell is another guy and the one who played in the NBA

  6. and *not* the one who played in the NBA

  7. Nah, knowing the guy, it’s him, no doubt.

  8. Spree is from Wisco

  9. Mason played 1-2 seasons with Bucks

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