Here are your NBA dogs

Earlier this week, we showed you a bunch of dogs wearing fancy NBA hats. We also asked you to email in your dogs wearing NBA gear and you guys did it. You did it so much. Here they are.

This is my dog, Yams, and she’s a huge Bulls fan. Her current favorite player is Joakim Noah, but her all-time favorite Bull is Kirk Hinrich, because, like Kirk, Yams likes to play with bigger dogs because she isn’t quite fast enough to play with smaller ones.

This is Yams’ boyfriend, Madden. That’s why they’re sharing a hat. They like going on walks and tearing things apart and stuff. They’ll probably get married someday, but they’re in no hurry.

This dog belongs to a fellow named FroeyLo. When the Mavericks won the championship, this dog stayed up all night barking and wearing hipster glasses.

Lots of Mavericks dogs out there, I guess. Total dogwagon jumpers. This one belongs to collinhagood. Not sure why it’s so grumpy. The Mavericks won the title. Lighten up, dog.

Staying in Texas, this Rockets dog belongs to TosshiTX. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this dog is a Chase Budinger fan. Same hair color.

Hey, a Lakers dog, belonging to jnel1. This dog really knows how to wear a hat. Got a lot of practice after those two titles. Did you know that every Lakers dog gets its own championship hat when they win? That’s probably true.

Kinda feel sad for Andrew Danies’ dog. It just blew out all four of its knees, which is why it’s so pouty.

Changing gears a little bit, here’s a dog sporting a Celtics jersey. This little lady belongs to GQ-approved comedian Joe Mande, and I’m guessing that’s a Kevin Garnett jersey since he’s a Timberwolves fan. But, I guess, it could be a Bill Walton jersey, in which case this is the greatest picture in the history of photography.

Last, but not least, two very Pistons dog who belong to turboclaw. Could these dogs be more Bad Boys? No, they couldn’t, unless they are Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.

NBA dogs, everyone. More emails and tweets are always welcome. We have to get through the lockout somehow.

UPDATE: More dogs!

This dog is a Raptors fan, which is why he looks so despondent. This dog belongs to Steeeebo, a Canadian, so it probably only eats maple-flavored dog food. Classic Canada joke.

Teddy’s a Washington Wizards fan. Well, technically a Bullets fan, but whatever. He belongs to Unsilent Majority and he’s pretty happy with the Wiz’s new grey, grey and white color scheme.