We are living in the middle of the Nets renassaince we’ve all dreamed about. They have a crazy foreign owner who likes to shoot guns, ride jetskis and mack on women. They have an actual franchise player. And they’re on their way to Brooklyn, hoping to compete with the New York Knickses of the state.

According to the Nets’ GM, Billy King, it’s that last part that’s the most important. They’ll be the ones with the new building. They’ll be the ones with the superstar rapper who owns a minuscule part of the team. They’ll be the reason players want to come to New York, and if they don’t, it’s because they’re dummies. From Northjersey.com:

“Everybody says they want to play in New York,” King said. “We’re going to be in New York. We got the best owner and we’re going to have the best building. We’ll have all the tools. If a guy doesn’t want to come play here, it’s just he doesn’t want to play in the city.”

There you go. The only reason anyone wouldn’t want to play for the Nets is because they don’t like New York. It has nothing to do with the Nets’ history as the Knicks’ dorky younger brother and the fact that they’ll always be the most second-most famous team in the state or their 36 combined wins in the last two seasons. It’s just because they don’t want to play in New York, probably because of all the stabbings/bed bugs.

Truth be told, the Nets’ new arena will be a big draw. Free agents will look at the state-of-the-art facilities, Mikhail Prokhorov’s giant piles of money and a team that is moving to the biggest media market in the NBA, and that’s going to be quite the package. Billy King makes a good point about that, for sure.

But there are also a lot of reasons to not play for the Nets that have nothing to do with the city, number one among them that they are the Nets. After last year’s Travis Outlaw, Jordan Farmar and Johan Petro haul, that should be painfully obvious.

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  1. the new jersey nets: clippers 2.0

  2. Bingo.

  3. LOOOeee: The Raptors already own that moniker.

  4. The best building? They could play in a recreation of Versailles like the bad guy had in Moonraker and it still wouldn’t be MSG.

  5. and the Knicks are the Lakers? errrr.

    I don’t think you are aware of how huge Brooklyn is, and how awesome this could be.

  6. the problem with calling the Nets the new Clippers is that would imply the Knicks are like the Lakers, which is a joke. they’re more comparable to the Mets than the Yankees in terms of actual on-court success.

  7. Don’t sleep on the Nets! Being a native New Yorker, I can honestly say that you can NEVER underestimate the pride that Brooklyn has for things that are their own. If D-Will re-signs, Bropez continues to develop (and freakin’ rebound) and MarShon Brooks can to ANY degree live up to the Kobe comparisons (I will concur, that’s kind of ridiculous), the Nets will draw in fans and convert disheartened and fed-up Knicks fans (it worked for me). If they can (re-)sign a solid PF, things can happen, SON!

    Oh, and needless to say, if the Nets can somehow get Dwight Howard… DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNN!!!!!

  8. is it me, or does the Barclay Center look like a giant sandwich in that render? Who wouldn’t want to play in a giant sandwich? Could maybe see pele being turned off by the white bread though.

  9. * people not pele

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