Sorry, sliced bread. You’ve been replaced as the go-to pinnacle of inventions by these guys in Vermont who formed the Mini Basketball League, which is exactly what it sounds like — an honest-to-goodness league played on 8-and-a-half-foot hoops with those little miniature basketballs you get at any NBA stadium. Incredible.

I mean, don’t these guys look like they’re having the best time ever? (This guy, not so much.) They keep records, they have people take pictures and video, they get matching custom jerseys. They are not messing around. They even have an All-Star Game. An All-Star Game, you guys. For a miniature basketball league. Smart.

And then, in a stroke of genius for which we can thank technology, they put everything on the Internet. The lockout totally sucks, but at least we have this. Might rechristen the site The Mini Basketball Jones and just devote all of our resources to covering the MBL. Spend some time checking this stuff out and you’ll see it’s totally worth it. It’s only the best idea ever.

(via Ryan Hurst)