An athlete becoming a “fashion icon?” Amar’e Stoudemire should totally blog about this.

(via Dime Magazine)

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  1. “I ain’t funny right now” – Dwyane Wade. I hope he was referring to the duration of the video.

  2. i think NBA player’s admire Urkel more than Urkel admires NBA players

  3. What an idiot. D Wade just went WAY down in my book.

  4. Hating the heat just got a whole lot easier…again.

  5. For the record, Fashion Icons don’t go to all the big brands and get the flashiest crap they can find (the Gucci shades, YSL tee). What a tool. Having a stylist and calling yourself an icon is like me hiring Bobby Flay and calling myself master chef.

    Bosh with Chris Angel, Bron with dunking on Kids (that’s funny though)………these guys don’t learn LOL

  6. The man has style. But, I still hate the HEAT. Dwayne Fade.

  7. co signed @rassan: What an idiot. D Wade just went WAY down in my book.

  8. fashion icon? what a joke he has no fashion sense at all. anyone can dress like wade if they have the funds to shop on rodeo. it’s not like he’s putting anything together , it doesn’t even look right on him

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  10. DWAYNE WADE IS NOT FASHION, PERIOD. This capitalism at its best. If you have a stylist you do not qualify as an authority on Fashion.I applaud his business acumen for diversifying his wealth, but this is an insult to all who have dedicated their lives to this industry to make it what it is today. To make my point this is no different from me saying , because of being in shape and being able to run up and down the court, I should be in the NBA!

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