Exactly one month ago, the NBA lockout kicked off to much fanfare and adulation, only the complete opposite. Since then, we’ve had four-and-a-half weeks of speculation, players finding other places to play and pictures of dogs wearing hats. No bargaining. No negotiating. Nothing but nothing, really.

Derek Fisher thinks that’s strange. From ESPN:

“It’s been long, but it’s been weirdly quiet,” said NBA Players Association president Derek Fisher on Friday, speaking at his youth basketball academy in downtown Los Angeles. “To push as hard as we did in the month of June to see if we could get a deal done prior to July 1, it’s essentially been crickets since then.”

Yeah Derek Fisher, it has been weirdly quiet. Good call. I wonder why that is? Maybe it’s because the NBA and its players have taken an entire month off from trying to hammer out a deal. That is definitely weird and quiet, considering there aren’t that many months between the end of one season and the beginning of another. A little too Raph quiet, if you ask me.

Super frustrating too, so thanks for mentioning it. When the Players Association president is telling the media that he thinks it’s weird that there haven’t been any negotiations during a lockout, you know things are moving at a snail’s pace, and that that snail has overdosed on barbiturates. That sucks because it means that the two sides aren’t really that concerned with getting a deal done. Look at the NFL. They had a lockout, but the two sides kept negotiating throughout the work stoppage until things got figured out, and that’s a sport that has way more time between seasons.

At least the two sides are meeting today, which is a full two weeks earlier than during the 1999 lockout. Of course, Fish says he doesn’t expect there to be “any major movement on Monday,” and that the two sides aren’t even going to talk about money, instead focusing on the structure of a possible deal. That doesn’t exactly sound encouraging, but at least it’s something. If we’re going to avoid James Joyce’s doomsday prophesy, that’s better than nothing.