Not everyone hates LeBron James

For a while there, it seemed like everyone hated LeBron James. But, as it turns out, at least three people do not hate Mr. Cool Cakes. That’s progress.

From LeBron’s Twitter:

I just got back to my room and received the most amazing thing I’ve ever got from fans/kids. Cyrus, Leila and Pearson had a lemonade stand last week in New Cannan, CT and raised $81.66. The catch is that they raised it for my Foundation. [...] I’m seriously overwhelmed and almost cried for real! Very touching and amazing!

See, now that is what Kobe Bryant is talking about. These kids are totally the best. First, any kid who starts a lemonade stand is chill in my books. That’s the kind of entrepreneurial spirit needed to succeed at LRMR Marketing. Then, they gave the profits (Balance Sheets Kerby over here) to the LeBron James Family Foundation, because these kids just know what’s up. Giving back is a cool move, even if you’re only like 3 seconds old.

And hey, they wouldn’t give their $81.66 to the LeBron James Family Foundation if they weren’t LeBron James fans. That means that young people are still on board the LeBron Trainmes, probably because they are innocent children who are not jaded and cynical like us jerks. Considering LeBron’s got another 12ish years in the NBA, that’s good news for him. Sometime in the near future, he might not be the most hated man in the NBA. Ballin.

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  1. Good for those little kids. And for LeBron.

  2. Totally. I smiled.

  3. Only in New Canaan, CT can three kids make $80 at a lemonade stand.

  4. It’s been a little over a year since the lebron decision’s made and people are still holding grudge against this guy. How long can you hate someone for and why. Yes, the decision was wrong the way it happened but hey life should go on. We’d all made wrong decision in our lives, hadn’t we all moved on? Yes, let us all give lebron a chance.

  5. ^^ Me
    Plus any profits made during the Decision were given to the Boys and Girls Club. What’s not to like? I never got it. LeBron’s always gona be good and they got to the finals. The hate should subside a bit

  6. Lebron Trainmes. Nice.

  7. Give it some time and it’ll be revealed that this is a publicity stunt by Lebron and Co.

  8. Dumb kids could’ve bought a video game, or something. Lebron pocketed that chump change.

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