It’s official: Kevin Durant cannot stop playing basketball.

Two days after lighting up Rucker Park in Harlem, and a night removed from scoring 41 points in a Pro-City tournament game, Durant continued his summer ball tour by torching a bunch of fifth grade kids in Wisconsin.

Wednesday, the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar scored an insane 284 points to help his team, the Holy Apostles Chargers, destroy the Elmwood Cougars, 320-30. Durant’s box score was one for the ages. He connected on 112-of-126 shots overall, including 24-of-29 three-point attempts, and made 36-of-38 free throws. He also grabbed 18 rebounds, had four assists and blocked 25 shots Bill Murray style.

Hundreds of soccer moms were turned away at the doors, undoubtedly itching to witness the NBA’s two-time scoring champ, who had a 66-point effort at Rucker Park on Monday that persuaded fans to rush the court.

Durant likes to play in leagues throughout the country during the summer, but he was non-committal about suiting up Wednesday night at a local YMCA wheelchair game. He said he would have to wait and see while adding, “I just try to get better man. I like to play in every part of the country to see how the ballers are. I had fun.”

10-year-old Paul Grisham scored six points in the loss.

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  1. OMG please just stop embarising people!!!!

  2. Haha, love it

    Durant is playing here in another NYC park again tonight (Wednesday), so expect one more series of videos to float around. Then I think he’s outta here.

  3. Ih,
    do you think this is real?

  4. Poor Paul Grisham

  5. Durantula is a manchild, what else can you say?

  6. That is a piss poor photoshop.

  7. heh, skeetz goes kerby :D nice1

  8. I’m just disappointed that KD allowed the other team to score 30.

  9. The sad part is, he only had 4 assists. After a 30 point lead, it’s time to pass the ball, Kevin.

  10. This game might have been a little different had Paul Grisham decided to show up for the Cougars. At least he outscored LeBron.

  11. Your wrong Ray, LeBron always DESTROYS kids!!! (Well, except for Barrea)

  12. Seriously? This CAN’T be real!? I can see showing up a bunch of adults in the park who think they’re good, but actually trying hard to win against kids instead of just making it fun for everyone would be the ultimate classless act that I don’t think even LeBron would do never mind KD who seems like an OK dude. If it were real and I was a parent on the other team, I would have taken my kid and left when it got ridiculous. And if playing for real, why wouldn’t the other team get an NBA player too? Let’s face it, any of us who are adults would slaughter a bunch of kids too if we tried. My guess is it’s fake, will find out soon enough, but if it actually went down just like that, I would lose all respect for KD cause that’s just sad. Hashtag: pick on someone your own size!!

  13. Check the batteries on your sarcasm detector, dude.

  14. @ Danrick are you serious of course its not real why are you so fired up? Its clearly a photoshop job its a joke calm down before I come and drop 800 points on your kids then it will be real

  15. “KD who seems like an OK dude.”

    I see what you did there.

  16. Danrick are you retarded or something, its obviously fake, but Durant took it all in fun spirit and laughed about it,

  17. Lies, and what a fake picture.

  18. The picture is photoshopped and so is the scoreboard… sorry to say

  19. Aww, don’t be sorry, little Andrew!

  20. Wow…For some of you to even mention that it’s fake is beyond me…Are you really trying to bust on somebody, or you just like to see your words in print?????

  21. Lame. LeBron already did it for real. Only he formed a super team of all the best 5th grade players in the area first, so it was easier for him to win.

  22. you idiots that think this is real must be something wrong with you all……. of course it is fake morons, funny stuff

  23. Clearly this is a joke, and its funny as hell, they said hes gonna play in a wheelchair league, stop getting angry, and have a sense of humor. You guys are full retards for actually thinking this is real.

  24. Aside from showing up a bunch of 5th graders, which is just sad, check out the picture. The rest of the team is reaching in for a hearty “Go Chargers!” or “Defense!” or “Team!” while KD’s off thinking about dominating a kid in skeeball at Chuck e Cheese’s after the game. Not only is KD classless for showing up a bunch of 5th graders, he’s not even a good team player. Get your head in the game KD!

    Paul Grisham is the future of basketball. Get used to it.

  25. You can see kds feet there like floating look at the kids feet then look at kds omg he’s floating hahaha this is really fake

  26. Why didn’t he score in the last 8 seconds??? What about finishing strong…. that’s where it counts in the playoffs!!!

  27. There’s no way anyone thought this was real, those who said they did have to be trolling.

  28. KD is a GHOST he has no shadow!!!! That’s why he can’t be blocked…….. This is HILARIOUS!!!

  29. The intelligence of all these comments is astounding.

  30. Just a heads up… KD put this on his facebook page. he is watching

  31. HAaha hes like floating above the floor

  32. that is some great photoshop work, dumbass

  33. and of course he is going to score a lot, look who he is playing against… a bunch of white people

  34. are you people who think this is real on drugs or something? Can’t you see how poor the photochop of that picture is? The author isn’t even trying to hide that it’s a joke! C’mon people!

  35. Bullying is no joke. How many 5th graders have to get dunked on by KD before we put a stop to this madness? I heard that he stole the kids’ lunch money afterwards. Seriously, look at that picture- he won’t even bother to listen to the coach. That’s a selfish, me first player right there. KD’s nothing more than a bully with a silky smooth jump shot.

    +1 to joe gett.


  37. lol at the idiots who actually believe this is real. Yes, KD is going to almost score 300 points and humiliate 5th grade kids.


  38. Its fake lol, he is floating in the air. Poor photoshop.

  39. there really is the letter “I” in the word tieam.

  40. The idiot is KD who thinks it’s cool to drop 300 in a bunch of 5th graders.

    Brian r: you said it. Go tieam.

  41. To whoever wrote this: valiant attempt, but NOT Onion worthy. Keep trying.

  42. Little Ozzy is a f@ggot

  43. Is this real…..

  44. ok, for the idiots that think this is real. how could it be real? obviously this is photoshoppped, becuase if it was real, why would none of the kids be looking at him? as you can see, no one is even paying any attention to him……BECAUSE HE’S NOT THERE. jeesh. use your brain.

  45. The kids are well coached and listening to their coach. Otherwise one would yell “Go Team!” while another might yell “Teamwork!” That would be pure chaos. Too bad KD isn’t a team player like those kids- that’s why he’s sulking outside the huddle and that’s why he can’t even bother to cast a shadow.

  46. I don’t know why everyone at realgm makes fun of me! I love everyone, but for some reason everybody’s homophobic! I just do my job while maintaining my homosexual vibe… now is there anything wrong with that?

  47. I am going to be that guy and point out his FG and FTs add up to over 284 <.<

    Also, it's not supposed to be the world's best shop. Clearly.

  48. I am going to be that guy and point out his FGs and FTs add up to over 284 <.<

    Also, it's not supposed to be the world's best shop. Clearly.

  49. I love J.E. Skeets. Way to create fake buzz, dude!

  50. The FG and FT do add up to 284. The 112 of 126 includes the three pointers mentioned afterwards.


  51. what a bullsh*t rumors and fake picture!!!

  52. A guy shooting 35% 3FGA goes 24 for 29?

  53. [...] next season? Exactly. He will.But where will he be playing? Here are some suggestions.With Kevin Durant in Wisconsin.  He played at Marquette, so this is a great fit.Pool basketball league somewhere in Miami. [...]

  54. Lol so fake I know those guys and whoever made the photoshop….please try to do better and give the guy a shadow

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