This guy’s leg tattoo thinks people need to lay off this guy’s leg tattoo.

(via Complex)

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  1. Why did he go with this pose? Why not one from the White Hot shoot?

    And his leg stubble makes it look like Ginger Kobe right now, but what about when it grows in??

  2. Pretty good Jay-Z tat.

  3. thats a nice tattoo but o’boy is hairy as fuck! shits gonna be nasty when it grows in

  4. Got news for ya Slick. You got “fucked” on that picture. Secondly, Why would you want a picture of a rapist on your body. Ohhhh, I get it now !!!

  5. Wow nice Denzel Washington tattoo.

  6. Nice Sticky Figaz Tata

  7. Lay off the rape crap………did the brother serve time

  8. Tired of people hating on Kobe the guy has changed his life ………..move on find something else to talk about

  9. all of you haters are jealous..pure and simple..or either have aids, or have no taste in basketball, or have no stars on your team that has any rings, or youve never had sex..or youre one of those fags that talk about justin bieber on youtube 24/7..seriously..and the guy that posted this shit..youre a faggot too you have no right to start shit about other peoples personal business. way to steal this shit from the artists website

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