Just yesterday, we found out David Stern makes a whole bunch of money for being the NBA’s commissioner. Makes sense, since that’s a tough job and executive salaries have been skyrocketing for a decade. But even though it makes sense that he’d make tons of money for doing his job, Spencer Hawes got a bit salty about it. According to his very justified thinking, if Stern is asking the players to take a paycut, shouldn’t he do the same?

Well, this might make him a little happier. From ESPN:

NBA commissioner David Stern will not collect on his eight-figure salary during the ongoing lockout, according to sources with knowledge of Stern’s pay status. [...]

Stern has given no indication that he will agree to lower his salary when the sides ultimately do hammer out a new labor agreement that is expected to be far more restrictive for players. Yet sources confirmed Tuesday that, during the work stoppage, Stern will indeed pass on collecting a salary that, based on a New York Daily News report in February, has been estimated as high as $23 million annually.

Although he has not publicly addressed the matter since the lockout commenced July 1, Stern said during All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles that he would not be paid.

There you go, Spencer Hawes. At least David Stern isn’t counting stacks while he’s helping owners prevent players from playing. It is not him lowering his salary, but it’s something. That’s one of those “good faith” bargaining techniques that are all the rage right now.

And hey, considering this happened back in February and it was kept secret, I suppose there’s a chance Stern could take a lower strategy without anyone knowing. Maybe he will realize that Spencer Hawes has a point and that if the players are taking a paycut (because they will be taking a paycut), then he should take one as well. That might smooth things over a little bit.

Of course, as Tom Ziller points out, that doesn’t seem to be something Stern is concerned with, so never mind. He might not give himself a raise, but he’s certainly not in a hurry to give back any money. Sounds familiar.