I don’t even know what to say about this. It shouldn’t be surprising that an NBA coach can dribble through dribbling drills, but this is Stan Van Gundy. Kinda speechless.

(via Orlando Pinstriped Post)

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  1. I want to see Ron Jeremy do that.

    If he can, that’s going to tell me a lot more than I want to know about Stan.

  2. “Whatever you can put together, put it together.” Words to live by.

  3. Through the legs with his right, behind the back with his left, spin with his right, through the legs with his left, and a cross with his right — kind of a full repertoire. Maybe catches it with his palm after the behind the back and needs an extra baby dribble, but otherwise fairly flawless. If you squint it kinda looks like Ray Felton.

  4. I’m with you Trey, I kinda expected him to dribble like that stanley from the office with his hand in the air.

  5. I so want to see a video of Jerry Sloan doing this.

  6. I think we have no idea how good these coaches are, even those who never played in the NBA. :-D

  7. Probably better skills than Your Dad…

  8. I was honestly expecting the headline to be sarcasm, but after seeing the video……wow. Props to SVG

  9. People near the camera are in awe.

  10. O-O shock and awe.

  11. FYI both Van Gundy’s played college ball. Not top flight, but they played. So the skills aren’t a surprise.

    Now what would be surprising is seeing Stan run suicides!

  12. i thought i heard “dayum nigga!” in the background


  14. They should totally have coacehs in the Celebrity Game at ASW! :) Or at least have a coach in the Skills challenge :D

  15. How about Stan vs Jeff in a 1-on-1 on ASW ?? With Mark Jackson as commentator and Dwight coaching Stan with his Stan-impression

  16. î that would be awesome, but no mark Jackson.

  17. btw SVG is awesome. No surprise he is the guy of which we see dribbling footage.

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