Hey, human. Do you want to look like, and live like, Dennis Rodman?

No? That is understandable, but you can still buy all of his stuff anyway. It’s going on auction August 10 in Santa Ana, CA. Start saving your money now because there are some great items that are not going to be cheap.

There are a bunch of Dennis’ clothes, from zany blazers to patchwork pants to what we can only assume is a snow leapord print Jamiroquai hat. Basically everything you need to recreate your favorite Dennis Rodman look, whether that be at a book signing or at the Hall of Fame selection ceremony, since it’s all the same to him.

But it’s not just clothes. It’s also random household items, like a pool table, box full of CDs (including Pearl Jam’s “Vs.” duh), or filing cabinets. Just spend a couple of hours here and you can outfit an entire house with the finest in Dennis Rodman furniture. Can’t recommend the couch, however. Some things never really wash out.

If you’re a Dennis Rodman collector, there are some great finds as well. For instance, you can buy Dennis’ own 1995 AllState Good Hands Award, a Rodman Detroit Bad Boys hard hat or a copy of every book Dennis Rodman ever wrote. There’s something for everyone at the Dennis Rodman auction. Yes, even you, Mr. Dolls Collector.

So come on down to the Dennis Rodman auction on August 10 in Santa Ana, CA. There’s an address, but it’s easiest to just follow the smell. Once you get the scent of Ed Hardy cologne and whiskey in your nostrils, turn right.

(via A Stern Warning)