This lockout business is bad news. Very, very bad, ugly news. What’s the opposite of the lockout? Love. Sweet, sweet love. (Thanks, Burt Bacharach.)

This past weekend, Stephen Curry made things official with his lady, marrying longtime girlfriend Ayesha Alexander. While we’ve yet to see photos of their wedding day, Stiletto Jill has the photos from their engagement shoot and they’re pretty gorgeous. How gorgeous? The opposite of Shawn Marion’s jumper gorgeous.

And then there’s this one, the one that I’m sure Curry’s teammates will be teasing him about.

But still, lovely photos of a lovely couple. Congratulations to them both. May they enjoy newly-wedded bliss and the extra time this lockout is going to allow for them to have together before Mr. Curry has to go back to work, where this picture might be mentioned a few times.

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  1. I will twist this positively and say that Stephen is happily thinking about really cool tricks she knows how to do in private.

    See. Not so bad a pic anymore.

  2. I hope so…
    Otherwise this looks creepy!

  3. If you’re under 30 and in the NBA, you shouldn’t be getting married.

  4. This is priceless. The Thunder was the most likeable team in the NBA. Then they got Kendrick Perkins. Now I think the Dubs might have that distinction.

  5. Wow, I like their pose but you’d think with all that money he could hire a decent photographer.

  6. why did he wear bowling shoes to his wedding?

  7. That’s a great pedosmile

  8. @Ball Movement

    If your name is Ball Movement, you might have a little trouble, at least as long as Ellis is here.

  9. @Manuuu David Lee: point forward! But yea, Monta needs to go.

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