It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

If you could only bring one album, movie and luxury item with you to a desert island, what would they be? Which R&B album will Tas pick? What music will Skeets use to lure passing boaters? How many days will Matt last on the island? Why is JD bringing a scooter? All that, plus lesbians, VCRs, fishing nets, Jack Nicholson, coconuts, and the best live song of all time!

BONUS PIC: Skeets “breakin’ the ice” at the cottage …


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  1. Tas has either taken ecstacy or is the devil according to the background of this picture. If you just looked at Skeets’ legs he could probably pass for 6’3…

  2. Thanks to Matt for mentioning ‘Aja.’

    Ages ago I acquired a collection of E.B. White pieces that were published in the New Yorker. In one, he mentions reading books or collections incessantly, way more than he reads his favorite, Thoreau’s “Walden.” He doesn’t feel guilty about it, though, because whenever he looks at his bookshelf, no matter how many books might be on it, he only sees one book. I know that makes no sense, but when you have that sort of burning bush amongst all the shrubs, like I do with ‘Aja,’ it hit home.

    And not to piggy-back, but ‘Quadrophenia’ is my number two. Because a beach is a place where a man can feel he’s the only soul that’s real. Didn’t know you were amongst us lot, JD.

  3. Wilco’s” Being There”, Doctor Zhivago and a cyanide capsule because my survivalist skills are pretty awful.

  4. Nice work having a really racially diverse group of friends.

  5. I really liked this one,

    album: The Low End Theory. needs to be something I can listen to constantly and not get sick off, so I have to pick something that I have already listened to a ton and know that i still love. Plus it probably sounds good on a beach.

    movie: Big Lebowski: i need the crab credit

    Luxury Item: Can i take an xbox and games or is that two different items? If so xbox and games, if not I’ taking a bunch of marijuana seeds, i’ll figure out how to plant them somehow.

    Book: The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (contains all five books in the hitchhikers trilogy). So Its long but broken up and constantly funny.

  6. Went I went to see 127 hours in the theatre, someone passed out during that scene and they had to call in EMTs. They wouldn’t even let us watch the end of the movie afterwards.

  7. Album: Queen – Greatest Hits. There is no other album with this range.
    Movie: A Clockwork Orange. Great movie and a little loophole with all the Mozart music.
    Item: My old gameboy with my blackmarket 32-in-1 cartridge. No cheating there right?

  8. Tas looks sexually satisfied.

  9. To clarify: I don’t hate The Roots. I just think Black Thought is super boring and that makes me not be able to really listen to them.

  10. Album: Gomez – Bring it on. Never get tired of hearing it.
    Movie: Trainspotting.
    Luxury item: Harmonica

  11. Album: Jimmy Eat World – Clarity
    Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
    Luxury item: NBA League Pass

  12. Album: Joe Budden – Padded Room
    Movie: The Wire Box Set haha
    Luxury item: Basketball

  13. @MTL_Dave: Love that album.

  14. hey trey what about you? oh i’m sorry: what aboot you?

    ps i’m starting to like the blank jones even more than the original jones! this is hilarious.

  15. Mellon collie and the infinite sadness
    Man on the moon

  16. @Zakspeed took my album from the rack – 28 great tracks and many of them not what the album title would suggest, a great mix of fire-up music and chill-time. Given Zak just took it though, I’ll grab Siamese Dream.

    Movie: I’d choose one that was good, but hard to understand, as I’d have a few years to work it out. Maybe Memento or Mulholland Drive for the boobies.

    Luxury item: drum kit (good exercise).

  17. I fist pumped when you chose the National. But I would take High Violet.

  18. Also… Wake Up is about death.

  19. I’m kind of sad you didn’t pick Boyz II Men, Tas.

  20. ALSO:

    High Violet by the Nation (with the b-side because I need the alternate version of Terrible Love and the live version of England).

    500 Days of Summer. I don’t know why, but I watch it… Lots.


  21. album: boards of canada – “music has the right to children”
    movie: white men can’t jump
    luxury: gold so that when i’m rescued i’ll be RICH!

  22. First – the Jones is a brilliant idea, and I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly.

    Second – there was some discussion of “it was on my list”. It would be an interesting blog spin-off to see/read what each person’s shortlist or Top 5 was for each category. Just a thought.

  23. Damn, I’d tried to say “the ‘(Blank) Jones’ is a brilliant idea” in my previous comment, but the (Blank) got swallowed up by technology. We all know that the Basketball Jones is the best idea in the history of best ideas….

  24. Modest Mouse-Moon and Antartica
    Thin Red Line

  25. i’d get bored really quickly anyway so i’m just gonna go with
    gold panda – lucky shiner
    and… can i bring a the wire dvd box set? i don’t really watch a lot of movies anymore. i’d even trade it in for gold panda and just bring the dvd. probably not possible, but i can’t think of a movie anyway.
    and i need to figure out a way how i can bring a giant bag of weed to the island and still be able to smoke it… but since JD was allowed to bring a scooter without having to mention gasoline i’ll just assume a pipe and a lighter are gonna be included somehow :D


  27. Tas didn’t say Boys II men? And he’s not bringing a recorder?
    That was highly surprising. Yet informative.

    Orphans by Tom Waits (Yes it’s a triple Album)
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (You’re going crazy anyway)
    Luxury Item:
    I thought about being practical, it’s hard to go past a comfortable hammock
    (or an sand powered air horn).

    I think if we were allowed a tv series
    All of the “Star Trek” series or The Twilight Zone
    maybe “Lost” – to be ironic.

  28. @ tjr nice one^^ it’s way more hipster island style to bring a series and be ironic about it anyway. the it-crabs would totally dig us

  29. Album:
    Soundtrack to Million Dollar Hotel
    Beastie Boys Instrumental, either one

    Anything Monty Python – in reality either the grail or life of brian

    Luxury Item:
    like the instrument idea – probably a guitar + some book on howto as I have no idea

  30. @ telecustom– You’re not the only one. What do you think, Trey Kerby?

    @Sean Kelly– Just another reason I’m not going to last very long on the island.

  31. Album: Force of Nature/Nujabes/Fat Jon – Impression (Samurai Champloo Soundtrack), or, if possible, 3-CD Samurai champloo soundtrack. Or maybe the H2G2 series read by Douglas Adams in 5 CDs.
    Movie: Pulp Fiction or The Big Lebowski (+great soundtracks). Prolly Pulp Fiction. Maybe the 5 Planets of the Apes, if allowed. If you can go TV, I’d go Friends.
    Luxury item: a REAL swiss army knife.
    (for men)

  32. (I’d find a way to build some kind of instrument to play on, and something to write with…. a knife is the basis.)

  33. Damn, triple comment, but I’ve never seen Apocalypse Now, and the very-long version is like 12 hours long, so, it could be my pick.

  34. I am old. I still think Husker Du’s “Zen Arcade” ranks up there on double album with no duds. But JD’s has a youthful tug.

  35. yo skeets props on the roots. homegrown has that 16 minute melting pot track on it

    @trey: he’s not boring :(

    album – the best of van morrison

    movie – true romance

    luxury item – photographs

  36. Album: Bob Marley (none but ourselves can free our minds)
    Movie: Anchorman! (I’m Ron Burgundy?)
    Luxury item: playing cards (everyday I’m shufflin’)
    Arnel Pineda (singer from Journey) is my buddy’s dad’s best friend!

  37. album – bon iver for emma forever ago (more solid top to bottom than the new album)
    movie – pulp fiction (it’s a good movie)
    luxury item – piano (makes too much damn sense)

  38. album: pink floyd – dark side of the moon
    movie: ben harper – live at the hollywood bowl
    item: guitar
    book: Dostoyevsky – notes from the underground

  39. Album: Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory
    Movie: Pulp Fiction
    Item: Xbox 360 and some games…assuming I already have a TV for my movie.

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