It’s good we have someone who can really speak to today’s problems the way that Bob Dylan did in the 1960′s. “Doing my best / Yes that’s my promise / I check with my friend / Called Isiah Thomas” is our generation’s “Johnny’s in the basement / Mixin’ up the medicine.” Really looking forward to Dolan’s basement tapes.

(via SB Nation)

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  1. ‘Slava’s in the basement / Fixin’ up the medicine…’

  2. As a Knicks fan, I’m not sure who I hate more: him, or myself for supporting his team. The only possible upside to the lockout is that I can sort of fast-forward to becoming a Brooklyn Nets fan.

  3. Sure, Dolan is one crappy owner to have. But i am fan of the knicks despite him. In no way am i looking forward to root for the Brooklyn Nets.
    You do realize, its the same team in a different place.

    And oh yeah, Dolan cant sing!

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