Oh hey, five of the best NBA players ever rendered in perfect detail except for Larry Bird’s kind of weird eyes. Really looking forward to playing as you in a video game. Also really looking forward to performing Michael Jordan’s legendary wobbly legs free throw line dunk in a five-on-five game, because that’s possible, apparently. The realism is stunning.

(via NBA Offseason)

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  1. you can dunk from the free thow line with Jordan in NBA 2k11 too, so its not really that new of a dunk

  2. ok, this does look awesome.

    HOWEVER, I’m a little stressed about throwing away my 7 year veteran point guard who averages 38/13/7 in order to get another game. 2k sports, let me transfer player careers, pls!

  3. The song’s okay, but I really hope 2K has The Return by TimBuckTu in the playlist.


  4. That looks amazing, but I’d rather just wait til NBA2K15 when every single person who ever touched a basketball is playable in the game.

  5. @Mike L

    Are you also thinking about Stan Van Gundy…?

  6. is pete maravich in there?

  7. [...] Trey Kerby under Score Video, Video Games on Aug 22, 2011 I think we can all agree that NBA 2K12 is going to be awesome. That is a given at this point.However, I think we can also agree that any trailer for a video game [...]

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