That’s what this event is called, you guys: “A Night Out with Walter McCarty” at the Lexington Opera House. Are you excited? I’m excited. It’s not like you get to hear a former NBA journeyman perform R&B jams like “Oooh Wee” and “No Hidden Agendas” all that often. Kareem Rush hasn’t reached opera house status yet, so this might be your only chance for such a performance. Better get while the gettin’ is good.

Tickets run from $20-40, plus any applicable fees, and you can preview a bunch of W-Mac’s tunes at his website. It’s the summer, there’s nothing to do, so why not see Walter McCarty sing some songs? You’ll have a great time. Take a date because things are bound to get sexy.

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  2. not to get bogged down in minutiae, but the dunkin donuts/lexus sponsorship partnering is the truly underrated comic aspect of this story… right?.

  3. Nic D, thank you for opening my eyes. Your comment FTW!

  4. Ha, Nic D, I thought exactly the same thing. But it totally speaks to who Walter is – liking a bit of luxury (Lexus) cos of the money he made (but not enough money for an Italian sportscar), but also fat (Dunkin’ Donuts).

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