Last night was a big one for the NBA with regards to players hitting fans in the face. Michael Beasley did it in New York, proving that it’s actually possible for him to take something too seriously. Then later, in order to achieve some sort of East Coast-West Coast balance, Matt Barnes punched an opponent in the face during a pro-am game in San Francisco.

From ABC 7:

Los Angeles Laker Matt Barnes got into a fight Thursday night at a Pro-Am game in San Francisco.

It happened at the Kezar Pavillion during a game between Barnes’s Dream Team and a team called East Bay.

Barnes apparently punched an East Bay player in the face, but the refs didn’t see it and Barnes wasn’t ejected from the game.

There’s video of the fight, but you can’t see anything. But this is Matt Barnes we’re talking about. Of course he punched someone in the face during a summer league game. He’s the guy who gave an opposing coach a little faceslappy in the same league last summer. He’s the guy who was kicked out of an NBA game for jumping in to a skirmish between two other players, then released a “Matt Barnes Will Kill You” t-shirt the next day.

This isn’t to say he’s a violent gentleman, but it is to say that it’s not terribly surprising that he’d punch someone in the face during a heated pickup game. Those things get testy. Maybe he got pushed in the back, and kind of freaked out a little. We’ve all been there. Every single one of us. Not singling out anyone here. Just talking in generalities.

But hey, we’re in the middle of a lockout, which means he won’t be punished for this. Just like Michael Beasley, who’s going to avoid discipline for his weed bust and his mushed-face adventures, now’s the time that NBA guys can do a bunch of stupid things that they’d usually be punished for, free of consequence. Live it up, I guess. Attica! Attica!