If things have been a little cold on your summer lovin’ front, AB3 and Sylk Smooth have the secret for making the ladies love you. (Very, very NSFW language.)

“Ever since I got my paper up/All these b—–s yeah, they wanna f—/Brandon Jennings money, Imma bout my Bucks/We the winners babe/Come and f— with us”

Alright, then. Forget Yeezy. Looks like Brandon taught them.

I personally love the bag/briefcase that hipster Rajon Rondo is carrying. What kind is it? Couldn’t tell you. My paper is not up and I do not have Brandon Jennings money. If I did, though, you better believe I’d be gathering my closest friends together to make a video just like this.

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  1. Das turble. Turble.

  2. Its a fendi briefcase

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