No wonder Maccabi Tel Aviv is excited they signed Jordan Farmar to a lockout-contingent deal. Not only is he one of the best (half-)Jewish basketball players in the world, this “Welcome to Maccabi!” highlight tape makes him look like one of the best basketball players in the world, regardless of race or creed.

Consider this mix Exhibit B in the Brent Barry Hypothesis that anyone can look like a Hall of Famer with the right carefully-edited collection of basketball highlights.

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  1. Probably every point/assist/steal/block he has accumulated in his entire career.

  2. Thing is: he’s not even close to Brent Barry talent.

  3. I LOLed at Shawn’s comment.

  4. I detected a suspicious lack of Nets highlights.

  5. Yeah the absence of any Nets sighting make it looks like very biased.

    But on another hand the average NBA player is still a hell of a basketball player ;-)

  6. If only those buzzer beaters where in crunch time and not garbage time.LOL

  7. LOTS of those clips were in Pre-Season games…

  8. It’s very obvious that nets’ highlights don’t exist.

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