It’s all fun and summer pickup games until Michael Beasley piefaces some heckler in the face and stops a New York City streetball game for 10 minutes. Why can’t he just play it cool like his good bro Kevin Durant? Take a chill pill, 1990′s.

To add insult to face-mushery, Beasley also got crossed over by Durant, leading to an easy layup.

And then, to make matters even worse, Durant did the same thing, only deciding to finish with a dunk the other time. All of this happened, mind you, while Nike was videotaping Durant. Eeks.

It all worked out in the end though, as Beasley managed to shake Durant a couple of times, lead his team to a very important win and even shake the hand of the fan whose face he mushed. Weird night, but that’s Michael Beasley for you.

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  1. This was bound to happen… The guys running all over the court after every dunk are just messing things up.

  2. I’m usually the first person to say professional athletes should have thicker skin and that regrettably it’s part of being a pro but fuck it, it’s a lock out. The “fan” shouldn’t have been running his mouth like that and not expect something to happen, I bet he would never do that to the local baller for fear of getting his ass beat.

  3. What happened to punishing an idiot with your play?

  4. These hecklers gotta chill. Athletes need thick skin but talk shit to a player in 80′s and 90′s and your ass will be thrown thru a window (Barkley)… I like the fact that NBAers are playing in every league and tourney, don’t kill that.

  5. Guess we’ll just wait until Nike comes out with the video of the Kevin Durant cross & dunk because that camera work was just awful!

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  7. I like Beasley more already

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