It’s all fun and summer pickup games until Michael Beasley piefaces some heckler in the face and stops a New York City streetball game for 10 minutes. Why can’t he just play it cool like his good bro Kevin Durant? Take a chill pill, 1990′s.

To add insult to face-mushery, Beasley also got crossed over by Durant, leading to an easy layup.

And then, to make matters even worse, Durant did the same thing, only deciding to finish with a dunk the other time. All of this happened, mind you, while Nike was videotaping Durant. Eeks.

It all worked out in the end though, as Beasley managed to shake Durant a couple of times, lead his team to a very important win and even shake the hand of the fan whose face he mushed. Weird night, but that’s Michael Beasley for you.