You know what I miss the most about the NBA? Watching the owners negotiate stadium contracts, haggle with vendors, hold budgetary meetings with upper level executives and other ownerly tasks such as these. Deep down inside, I think we can all agree that that is the real moneymaker in the world’s greatest basketball league. It’s definitely not the players who actually play the games.

That’s why this quote from David Aldridge’s latest column makes so much sense.

The source said owners frequently speak of “being tired of making these guys rich” and are even contemplating asking for more, such as including income the players receive from their commercial endorsements and sponsorship money into the BRI pot — the theory being the players wouldn’t become famous and able to make such deals if not for the NBA infrastructure that puts them on television and other media.

This just makes so much sense, you guys. Of course NBA players should have to give some of their endorsement money to the owners, because if it weren’t for the owners, there’s no way these idiots would be famous. Just think this through. If it weren’t for the owners, there’d be no NBA and no way for basketball players to make money. It’s called logic. it.

Besides, it’s definitely not the case that the owners are benefitting from the players at all. This is a totally one-way street, with the cash driving luxury automobiles (Jag-u-ar) from the owners straight to the players. In no way do NBA players make money for their owners, since a league of 30 basketball teams with no players would generate basketball related income of nearly $4 billion and bring in millions and millions of advertising dollars. That is pretty much a given at this point. And since 22 of 30 teams lost money, that means it is the players’ fault since we already established that 30 teams with no players would make billions of dollars. I got an A in freshman geometry, so you know that proof is legit.

So yes, this makes all of the sense in the world, as we can all agree. NBA owners make the players rich, not the other way around, and there’s no way the players would be famous without the owners’ hookups. In fact, now that I think about it, if players wanted to be really fair about things, they’d just pay the owners to allow them to be in the NBA and forfeit their salaries. That seems like the fair thing to do.

(via SLAM)