How do you introduce something like Ron Artest live-tweeting a Celine Dion concert? I just tried four different concepts, all of which ended up being scrapped. Instead, just feast your eyes and brains upon this brief account of Ron’s trip to Vegas to see Celine perform her hits. You won’t be disappointed.

From Ron’s Twitter:

I’m at Celine dion concert! Backstage!! Wow!!! Me and my boys!! Wow!!! She said she love my Jimmy Kimmel show when I had my beard on!!!!!!!!

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! She bout to sing TITANIC!!!!!! Wow!!!!! Stevie wonder came out!!!

Every night in my dreams I see you I feel u That is why my heart will Go on Help me with the lyrics and I will follow u The whole song!!

Celine made me and all my thug friends cry with the French song!!!! She cried !!! Wow!!!! She hugged me !! I got chills!! My nipples froze!

I think Celine show will entertain anyone! blacks to Russians From skinny tight Jean denim leggin wearing guys to old peoPle with no teeth

You see, guys, How can you even introduce something as great as that? It’s not possible. Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction starring Will Ferrell. We now live in a world where Ron Artest and Celine Dion are friends who take pictures with each other, then post them on the Internet. That’s the power of love.