Now this is how you mush a face when you’re playing streetball in New York City. Take notes, Michael Beasley.

(via SLAM)

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  1. seems like there’s too many players on the court.

  2. I was actually at that game, and number 10 was far from a chump. He’s called Too Hard Too Guard, and he pretty much made Jennings look foolish. DeRozan and the Game were also on Jennings’ L.A. squad, and they got crushed by the local NYC ballers. Maybe the next Rafer Alston was there.

  3. Jennings twitter-dissed Adris DeLeon (2 hard 2 guard – 2010 Nike ) right after going head-to-head last year at Rucker, and so this year’s meeting”in the Dyckman League was kind of a “grudge match”. If you see the full highlights, aside from the bounce on the head (a stock streetball move), Adris really did make Brandon look foolish.

  4. That should have been unsportsmanlike conduct, a technical foul.

    • I live near Dyckman (West 225 Street in Marble Hill). That’s a technical foul, that should have been call by the referees

  5. Is there an RSS feed with the complete posts alternatively of just the teasers?

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