While NBAers are balling all over America during this lockout, the fourth overall pick in the NBA draft is doing the same in Canada. Showing up for an open run organized by fellow Canadian and incoming University of Texas point guard, Myck Kabongo, Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson was also joined by Spurs rookie Cory Joseph. The trio of Longhorns put on a show.

The guys over at Photo Riot had photos of the run, and while it isn’t as packed as the Drew League in L.A. or as hyped as Dyckman in New York, it’s a glimpse into the future for Canadian basketball, where kids have their own hometown NBA guys to come out and see.

It’s also another reminder that these guys just want to play basketball. The players that get lost in the shuffle when we talk about the lockout are the rookies. We think of the superstars, we want to know where the middle tier of veteran players stand, but we forget about the rookies. The rookies who have been robbed of a Summer League experience. The rookies who will lose valuable time getting to know not only their head coaches, sure, but they’ll also miss out on developing bonds with the assistant coaches who will likely be the ones working with them day after day when they’re getting shots up or need extra work.

No one wins in this lockout, but the rookie class seems to lose the most because they can’t ever get those “firsts” back. That’s a damn shame. From walking across the makeshift stage in Newark instead of Madison Square Garden to waiting around in limbo for a deal to get done so that they can play in the league they’ve dreamed about for so many years, if I feel for anyone, it’s the rookies.

In the meantime, though, it’s nice to see the former teammates and join Kabongo (who you need to get acquainted with if you’re not already familiar) and show Canada that they’re putting it on the map.