If there’s one complaint you always hear about LeBron James, it’s that he’s an egotistical jerk who needs to not be such an arrogant punk.  If there’s a second complaint, it’s that he needs to develop a post game so that he doesn’t have to rely on his sometimes there, sometimes not jumper. You hear this all the time, even though LeBron is actually pretty good in the post.

But whatever, it still wouldn’t hurt to get better. No one has ever said, “You know, getting better is going to make me worse,” because that doesn’t make any sense and is completely contradictory. So with that in mind, LeBron is embarking upon a mission to get better and provide people something new for people to always talk about. From the AP:

He’s also trying to deliver on his vow to be even better whenever the Heat resume play, saying he’s been in Houston at times this offseason to learn post play from one of the game’s all-time greats, former Rockets star Hakeem Olajuwon.

“I look at what he was able to do throughout his career,” James said. “Unbelievable talent. Multiple champion. Just to see how he was able to dominate in the low post, for me as an individual, I just try to look at some of the things I feel I need to get better at and hit home at it. Our team becomes better if I continue to get better and that’s what it’s about.”

Those are all true things that LeBron said. Hakeem Olajuwon is an unbelievable talent who won multiple championships while dominating in the low post. And if LeBron gets better, the Heat get better. That really is what it is about. (That and the Hokey Pokey, which is what it is all about.)

And hey, if LeBron’s going to dedicate himself to spending a bunch of time with one of the best post players ever, that is very cool. He will probably get very good in the post since he is strong, jumps high and has incredible vision. It’s not ludicrous to imagine that LeBron James could be the best post player in the NBA, given the skill set he possesses.

But if LeBron spends a few hours with Hakeem, as Tas alludes to, this just becomes an annoying talking point. Just ask Stan Van Gundy. Dwight Howard spent a tiny bit of time with Hakeem last summer and that’s all you’d hear about during Magic games, even though it looked like Dwight was just mimicking the moves he’d been taught, rather than actually grasping the footwork, positioning and strategy he’d been taught. If this turns out to be a photo opportunity, forget it.

However, if it turns out that LeBron is serious about honing his post game, and he uses this extended summer to become a monster on the block, watch out. The NBA’s best player with a refined low post game is a scary thought.