This millionaire’s pathetic attempt at a music video is on our blog because Jason Terry makes a cameo at the 3:08 mark. And you thought Rebecca Black was annoying.

(via @ryhar46)

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  1. This rules. You guys are tools
    I’m just livin de life
    livin de life

    I get The Jet High
    so he make me look fly
    and if you don’t wear distressed
    you ain’t livin the life

  2. What. The. Eff. Was. THAT!?

    I’m ashamed I watched the whole thing. SMH.

  3. Excellent technique with that shot.

  4. Wait a minute. Behind-the-back, betwee-the-legs, double-handed layup??… ‘H’!!

  5. This can’t be life.

    …or is it??

  6. Holy mid-life crisis, Batman!

  7. whats a twisum chain?

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