Have you guys heard of the NBA lockout? It’s a pretty big deal right now. People are signing overseas like crazy, with more “big names” to come. It’s the cool thing to do. Not only do you get paid to play basketball, which is kind of the whole point of being a professional basketball player, you also (often) get all your expenses paid, no taxes and a guarantee that you’ll be able to return to the NBA whenever the lockout ends. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

One of those big names who might be signing overseas: Dwyane Wade. The Heat guard told the AP that he’ll be playing “somewhere” next season.

Dwyane Wade says he will play “somewhere” this coming season.

The Miami Heat guard tells The Associated Press that he is hopeful the NBA lockout will end in time to save the season. If that does not happen, he will play internationally. He denies reports of receiving a $2 million-per-month offer from a Chinese team, saying that’s only a rumor.

Told you. He said it, and I believe him. Why wouldn’t he play basketball for money somewhere next season? Exactly. He will.

But where will he be playing? Here are some suggestions.

With Kevin Durant in Wisconsin.  He played at Marquette, so this is a great fit.

Pool basketball league somewhere in Miami. Playing in water is great for your VO2 max. Plus, Michael Jordan rehabbed his broken foot in a pool, so there’s some precedent here.

In the Dyckman League. Just watch out for Michael Beasley.

On my men’s league team. We could use a guard who drives to the basket.

In the Mini Basketball League. Everyone wants to play in the Mini Basketball League. Dwyane Wade is no exception.

So obviously there are a bunch of opportunities for Dwyane Wade. Where he ends up, nobody knows. Hopefully it’s the NBA, but if not, we’ll be seeing him hooping this fall. If you have any other suggestions, let us know.