Have you seen the movie “Old School” starring Jeremy Piven? You probably have. It was super popular and it led to a bro revival that continues to this day. If you haven’t seen it somehow, the synopsis is that a bunch of old guys end up living near a college and they start a fraternity and then Jeremy Piven comes and Pivens it up and then the made-up frat has to prove that they belong at the school and they do because Will Ferrell yells a lot and Vince Vaughn is smug and Luke Wilson is wooden and the end. Good movie. Seen it a bunch of times, usually late at night.

But why would I bring up a movie from 2003 on a basketball website in 2011? Because Anthony Randolph is going back to LSU and wants to join a frat, of course. From Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears:

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Anthony Randolph has rented an apartment in Baton Rouge within walking distance of Louisiana State University. He is currently enrolled in a math class and has signed up to take three classes in the fall. [...]

If the lockout ends during the fall semester, he’d like to finish his classes online and return for summer school. A sociology major, Randolph also is considering joining a fraternity and attending LSU football games.

Very cool that Anthony Randolph is returning to LSU to start getting a degree. Having an education is not a bad fallback plan whenever his NBA career is over. That is a smart decision and I think we can all agree on that. Way to go, man.

That being said, let’s talk about how funny it is to imagine Anthony Randolph in a stereotypical fraternity. Just picture him shotgunning beers with a white backwards hat, cargo shorts and a North Face on, completely disregarding seasonally appropriate clothing. All the while, he’s got a super sad look on that hangdog face of his, while the rest of his bros are totally raging. Maybe Stromile Swift wanders by in a toga carrying a styrofoam cooler and Tyrus Thomas comes out of the bathroom looking guilty and hoping no one will follow him in. Glen Davis is in the kitchen, trying to prove that he can drink a whole bottle of ketchup. It’s quite the scene, exacerbated by the fact that there is no NBA player who is funnier to imagine in a fraternity than Anthony Randolph.

I’m sure it won’t be like that, because this is not the movie “Old School” (call back). Too bad, because Shaquille O’Neal would totally be Weensie.