By himself.

With his team.

With his friend.

With some hats.

While he’s coaching.

While he’s watching.

While he’s brooding.

While he’s scheming.

With his watch.

With his girlfriend (and his watch).

Left-handed face-touching is the new planking. Your move, JaVale McGee.

Comments (7)

  1. hi-la-ri-ous!!! Good Trey!

  2. He’s probably just keeping his hand active in case he needs to death grip kanye west again for wearing a Mavs hat.

  3. I am now aware, inexplicably for the first time, of the surely colossal amount of random and borderline creepy pictures of NBA players present on your hard drive at any given moment.

    But are they organized by team, era, hairstyles, gestures, facial expressions, or the amount of times they’ve looked the part of a GQ cover model? Lebron, of course, exempted.

  4. That’s my drunk pose …

  5. In the scheming one he looks like he has fat make-up.

  6. That girl is fine.. wow

  7. He’s the black Derek Zoolander.

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