Honesty is the best policy. That’s what everyone always says, so it must be true. And it makes sense, because if you tell the truth in the first place, you’re not going to get in trouble again later. This is a lesson for children, but it’s also a lesson for NBA fans. If a player tells you the truth, don’t get mad at him. He’s just trying to be honest with you.

John Wall knows what I’m talking about. From NBC’s Capital Games:

“I don’t think we’ll win a championship, but we’re making the playoffs,” Wall told ES News. “We’re just taking steps at a time. You know, this season was a big downfall for us. This season we just want to make the playoffs and give our fans something to be excited for.”

Well, he’s right. The Wizards aren’t going to win a title whenever the next season happens, and they did have a bad season last year, when the team was full of guys who are hilarious to watch but not always great at basketball. This is a very forthright assessment of the Wizards past, present and future.

And hey, if Wall’s right about that playoff prediction, Wizards fans will be elated. Not only would it be the team’s first postseason appearance since 2008, it’d also be proof that things have progressed from the Arenas-Butler-Jamison era. The Wizards are a young team with a semi-bright future. Making the playoffs at all would be a huge step forward for them. Let’s hope John Wall’s right.