Kevin Durant may be putting up big numbers on his quest for a second straight NBA Player Who Is the Most Impressive During the Summer, but Brandon Jennings is making a strong case for Guy Most Likely to Humiliate You in Front of Your Friends. Not quite sure which I’d of these fake awards I’d most want to win, because they are both very prestigious and made-up.

Just make the layup next time. A true Curator of Cool knows that makes things like this way more impressive.

Comments (4)

  1. Or at least try to go for the board if no one is boxing you out!

  2. Getting the ball thrown between your legs is almost as embarrassing as missing a point blank lay up.

  3. Sick, disgusting, ridiculous handles.

  4. And the award for NBA player who is missing point blank lay ups cause he’s thinking about how to show off to the crowd goes to….

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