In the middle of his must-read profile of soon-to-be Hall of Famer Chris Mullin, Harvey Araton of the New York Times drops one heck of an anecdote about the sharpshooter’s unlikely friendship with the Sudanese string bean.

Manute Bol, the Sudanese giant, became Mullin’s close friend, calling him Chalk for his palest of skin tones.

Read the whole thing because it’s an awesome account of Mullin’s journey from high school legend to college All-American to rehab to the Dream Team to the Hall of Fame, but for now, let’s just admit that this is the best nicknaming story since a blind musician came up with one of the best handles ever. More of these, please.

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  2. Meh. The article was kinda boring. Interesting, but kinda long for what you learn.

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