Pretty tame, but pretty awesome. I would have liked them a bit more if they were this shoe done up on the Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt, but these are still pretty great, even though I can’t wear white-on-white Air Force Is without looking like a nurse. I really like the incorporation of the iconic diving Rodman silhouette, that Nike brought back his old logo and that these are a basically a pair of shoes dedicated to rebounding. Haven’t seen that since, well, an old pair of Rodmans.

Kinda worried though. If this is the basis for Rodman’s outfit that is “worth seeing,” I feel like we’re in for something a little more straight-laced than we’re expecting, acrobats and helicopters notwithstanding. Then again, he is promising outfit changes, so maybe we’ll see a stiletto at some point. Fingers crossed.

(via I Am a GM)