We all know that Andrew Bynum is a big nerd, both literally and figuratively. He’s a 7-foot tall, two-time NBA champion who uses his free time to build computers, supercharge remote control cars and breeding his dogs.

So what does a huge dweeb like this do during an extended offseason? The Los Angeles Times found out.

Q: It was surprising to hear you’re not just boxing and working out but enrolled in Spanish and piano classes this summer too. Are you making up for what you were deprived of by missing college?

A: My brother’s wife is Colombian, so now we have mixed cultures in my family. Plus, I live in L.A., I want to communicate with people. The piano, I started to play when I was a little kid, and now I have a really good teacher at UCLA. I play by reading chords in a composition style. I take two-hour lessons three times a week. It’s something that makes me happy. It’s calming, it changes my mood. It’ll be good; down the road I can play my girlfriend’s song when she becomes my wife.

Duh. Of course Andrew Bynum is boxing, learning Spanish and rekindling his childhood love of piano so that he can play his girlfriend a song when they get married. That’s a very Andrew Bynum thing to do.

In fact, I’m kind of surprised that’s all he’s doing. He’s going to have an extra few months, at least, so that would give him a bunch of extra time to learn some new skills. He could easily learn how to program video games, come up with a concept and make his own game, which he then ports to the App Store and makes some serious bank when it gets named one of their Top Apps. I’m just spitballing here, but that’s a fairly nerdy thing to do, so I’m sure Andrew Bynum could master it in an extended summer.

Cool for him, though. In just a few months time, Andrew Bynum will be the world’s biggest Spanish-speaking pianist who also boxes. That’s quite the accomplishment.