Eddy Curry is less fat now

One of the greatest concerns NBA fans have with regards to the lockout is that, whenever next season starts, the players are going to come back super fat. This problem is most accurately described in the person of Shawn Kemp, who went from rim-destroying demon to guy who wears a size 8 1/2 hat over the course of an extended offseason. With all this time off, it’s not hard for these guys to pack on the pounds.

And if there’s one guy in the league you’d expect to get the most fat, it’s Eddy Curry. He hasn’t set foot on an NBA court since December 2009, he’s ginormous to begin with and he’s failed to meet every conditioning goal any team has set for him. He’s a sure-fire candidate to get huge, one would think.

Think again. From the Miami Herald:

Center Eddy Curry is increasing his chances of generating serious interest from the Heat. Respected Chicago-based trainer Tim Grover said last week that since Curry’s workout with Miami in late June, he has lost another 28 pounds and is now at 300. Curry weighed 350 when he auditioned for Miami in March. Curry intrigues Pat Riley, who might offer him a minimum deal postlockout if he loses another 12 pounds or so. His skills “are there, no question,” Grover said.

That’s great, right? Eddy Curry’s actually trying to get his act together. Considering he has a heart problem that can’t be insured, not weighing 350 pounds seems like a good idea. And since he’s in debt, getting a contract is important. If Eddy Curry really can get down to 300 pounds and stay motivated, some team will surely take a chance on him, and that’s really good for him. Way to go, man.

Of course, it’s a pretty Eddy Curry move to lose all this weight, actually get in shape and try to contribute on a basketball court during a lockout. Why wouldn’t he do this any time over the past three seasons? Who knows. Maybe it’s like Tyson Chandler said, and he just needs the right opportunity. But even then, don’t you think the past four years of Eddy Curry getting bigger and bigger and more injured and more injured is going to leave a more lasting impression in the minds of NBA GMs than six months of training so that he’s not out of the NBA? Me too.

Never mind that for now. Eddy Curry’s actually trying to do something, and I think we should be happy about that. He’s a huge (pun) talent who’s had a lot of bad luck. At least he’s making an attempt at being relevant again. That’s better than the alternative.

(via SLAM)