LeBron James: Sup.

Panda: (Does not speak, since it can’t.)

LBJ: Oh, you’re that panda they give to every NBA player who comes over here. Heard a lot about you, panda.

Panda: (Makes a noise like when a door creaks, which is panda speak.)

LBJ: You ever heard of me, panda?

Panda: (Stays quiet, panda-style.)

LBJ: I’m LeBron James. You heard of LeBron James, panda?

Panda: (Thinks about some delicious bamboo it had for breakfast.)

LBJ: You never heard of LeBron James?

Panda: (Looks cute.)

LBJ: That’s fine, panda. Don’t talk. Because at the end of the day, you have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that you had before you woke up today. You’ll have the same panda problems you had today.

Panda: (Remains a panda.)

LBJ: Whatever.

(via I Am a GM)