In the span of just 48 Taiwanese seconds, LeBron James turned the ball over, got put on a poster, turned the ball over again, and then saw his man hit a three in his face. Looks like LeBron’s in Finals form. ZING.

(via Eye On Basketball)

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  1. I will never get those 48 seconds back. And this comment took about 30 seconds. What a waste of time.

  2. Too hard for LeBron to put on a white shirt huh? True team player

  3. This is probably the best minute of this guy’s life and we got to see it. How can you be mad about that?

  4. what is this amazing invention that blows white smoke out of the scoreboard? we need to get on this

  5. Hope they put that in the new collective bargaining agreement.

  6. Yup, definitely looks like he got posterized and jayed on while being a good 4-5 feet from the kid.

  7. That was awesome. You could tell the dunk bugged him because his turnover was because he wanted so bad to dunk it back… I bet he’s currently trying to make this video disappear…. hehe

  8. This probably happened during the 4th quarter.

  9. That smoke thing is some crazy WWE shit. I love it and I demand it from the NBA. Now.

  10. the real star of this video is the Beverly Hills cop theme music in the background…. somewhere eddie murphy’s girl is partying all the time, partying all the time, partying all the tiiiiiime.

  11. Yea, cause a guy dunking 3 feet away from you is definitely being “dunked on” and on a “poster”. Thats definitely a wide ass poster

  12. Why did he even enter the game?

    This kind of thing is a lose-draw for Lebron: if he plays awesome, who cares? Look at how tiny these guys are. When I read a mini-recap of the game (Lebron was coaching, and jumped in and went into monster mode after the half, throwing down dunks and blocking shot after shot) he just sounded like an egocentric bully. Given the man’s talents, blocking these guys isn’t any more surprising or impressive than JR’s block at that charity game.

    If he loses, the Chosen One got beat by some nobodies.

  13. This kind of thing is a “lose-draw” for any NBA player… Lebron gives us some hilarious “lose” highlights though while other players this summer have given us great clips of nice plays and domination.

  14. All the LeBron haters oughta check this one out too

  15. Don’t some of the teams have some sort of fire-thingies shooting from the backboard in the pregame shows? I remember something like this in the “Amazing” clips that the NBA used in the playoffs a couple of years ago… Or not? They should just keep them operational during the whole game – go off after a home boy dunks or go off right before a visiting player gets to the rim, you know, just for making things a bit more challanging?

  16. If you watched closely, LeBron traveled. I’m not even spamming

  17. ^ lol, you’re right (just before 2nd TO)

  18. Glad we got the opportunity to see this before Nike removes the video from the interwebs.

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