If the NBA lockout is going to last for the next one million months, let’s just all move to Spain and watch the Spanish national team play together. Outside of that Drew League vs. Goodman League game, watching la Roja is the closest we can get to NBA basketball.

Renew your passports and book your plane tickets. See you in Barcelona. First round of tapas on Tas.

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  1. What about the Argentinian team? They are playing in a couple of weeks in the pre-olimpic tournament and the line-up is:

    Pepe Sanchez (played briefly in the 76ers)
    Manu Ginobili (SAS)
    Carlos Delfino (MIL)
    Luis Scola (HOU)
    Fabricio Oberto (SAS/WAS/POR)

    Nice, right?

    I’ll be sending you pictures!


  2. Oh, and don’t forget about Nocioni either!

  3. i still think rudy fernandez hasnt been used right by nate mcmillan.. i mean well we’ll see now, if he ever gets to play in dallas, that is, but i just dont get how you dont take advantage of his athleticism more often. hes so much more fun to watch and plays so much better when hes with spain.. shame.

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