The [BLANK] Jones: DJs

It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show we discuss the wild and wacky world of disc jockeys. Where do we draw the line on who’s a DJ? (Ex: WKRP’s Dr. Johnny Fever compared to TiĆ«sto.) What makes a good DJ? Is a DJ an artist? All that, plus Matty O’s weekly gig, unique DJ names, obligatory “Full House” references, a banana, and so much more.


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Comments (22)

  1. I want my The Video Game Jones!

  2. Holy fuck that was bad.

  3. Go for The Automobile Jones

  4. second the video game jones

  5. You guys should congratulate Tas on his marriage more often.

  6. Wait…. Tas is married?
    Congrats, man!

    How come we didn’t hear about it?

  7. Another great podcast.
    How about The Rugby Jones with the world cup coming soon?

  8. @Breyzh: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  9. The Mafia Jones!

  10. Tas, what are your thoughts on DJs playing “Sweet Caroline” at weddings? Has that annoying tradition extended to you all up north?

  11. LOL man i love the blank jones. i wans a drunk jones. everyone has embarassing stories of them being drunk and stupid.

  12. i’ve DJed on and off for 12+ years, playing techno (as in the specific genre).

    i was one of the rotation residents at a monthly night at a bar, which shared the building with a larger bar next door (the two were linked). for some reason, our smaller area stayed open an hour later than the main bar, so people would move from the main area (where they just played a lot of indie and pop) for the last hour, which was often when i was playing. the number of times, when i was in the middle of mixing some deep minimal techno, that i’d get a request for some metallica or green day…shit, does it sound like i’m going to have that in my record box? and the look of shock when i’d say “sorry, i don’t have that”….”WHY NOT?!?! you should!”

    as far as getting paid, different areas of DJing vary massively. the superstars can be making tens of thousands per set. if you’re a wedding DJ, you can make enough to make a living out of it. at the other end of the spectrum, i probably got paid 1 out of every 5 times i played out for a gig, and most of those times it was in a bar tab worth about $20. a lot of those were local electronic nights, where there was no door charge, and the promoter was getting a shitty cut of the bar takings for the night – most times the promoter made a loss anyway…not that i was doing it for the money (my record habit at its peak was costing me between $100 and $400 a week).

  13. And remember…god is a DJ, life is a dancefloor…

  14. The Drunk Jones is a good idea.

    The Live Action Roleplay Jones?

    I put my name into a DJ generator
    DJ Wonka
    DJ Happy Crappy Pants

    No deal.

  15. The Drunk Jones should just be you all doing a show drunk.

  16. Pff I have 2K songs on my iPod nano. DJ fan.Tas.tic

  17. 1- Armin Van Buuren
    2- Markus Schulz
    3- Ferry Corsten

  18. Angelo,

    A little Sweet Caroline never hurt anybody. It’s a lot better than the chicken dance or the Macarena.

  19. Tas,

    Are you referencing some traumatic chicken dance or macarena personal experiences? Also are those songs still big up in Canada (said the ignorant-American boy in a patronizing tone to get a rise out of militant-Canadian Matt)?

  20. I’ve been re-listening to these and old overdoses since the season ended to try and pass the time at work. Success rates have returned inconclusive. Stephen A Smith However, it has been nearly a year since I last heard this podcast and to find it still exists in all its awkward/uncomfortable/beautiful original glory is wonderful. It’s nice to see as we grow older some things still remain the same.

    You rock, don’t ever change Lizzie,

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