Not really sure who to call the winner here. On one hand, Donte Greene’s crossover leads to a dunk. On the other, Kevin Durant’s cross leaves Greene reeling like he’s in an And 1 mixtape. Both of these guys deserve to win the coveted Best Crossover by a Really Tall, Really Skinny Guy in This Pickup Game award.

Let’s hear your vote in the comments.

(via I Am a GM)

Comments (4)

  1. It’s gotta be KD. Donte’s works, but he doesn’t shake KD so badly, and to get the dunk he basically has to shoulder his way through.

    Durant’s was just so clean.

  2. KD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    juz wonderin’ is KD really that tall or his shorts juz kinda short?? Ü

  3. KD !!! greene looked like a googoo doll on sunday morning being dragged on the lawn after church!

  4. Durant’s initial move looks so clumsy, and then he drops that disgusting step-back and blasts Greene’s ankles into a fine powder.

    Durant, hands-down.

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