Kevin Love: …so I say, “Even I like the Beatles more than the Beach Boys.” That’s kinda heresy in my family but wha–Hey is that Diddy?

Russell Westbrook: It sure looks like him. Let me get my glasses. (puts on glasses) Yeah, I think that’s Diddy.

Baron Davis: Oh, that’s definitely him. Diddy!

Diddy: Yeah, yeah.

KL: Oh, man. It’s really you. Huge fan, man. Huge.

Diddy: Don’t stop.

RW: Can’t believe you’re here at UCLA. Really great to meet you, Diddy. It is Diddy still right?

Diddy: Uh-huh, yeah.

BD: I’m Diddy too, kind of.

Diddy: C’mon. (rolls eyes)

BD: Easy, bro. I’m just saying, people call me B. Diddy. People call you P. Diddy. That’s cool, right?

Diddy: Oh!

BD: Just don’t want to step on your toes.

Diddy: Uh-huh, yeah.

KL: So what brings you out to UCLA anyway?

Diddy: Bad Boy, baby.

RW: Like scouting for talent or what?

Diddy: Uh-huh, yeah.

BD: Nice. I know some guys. Met them through a documentary I did a few years back. You got a business card or something so I can hook you up with a couple of tracks?

Diddy: Take that. (hands Davis a business card that just says

BD: OK, great. I’ll get in touch.

Diddy: Yeah, yeah.

RW: We gotta get going, Puff. Can we get a picture real quick?

Diddy: Uh-huh, yeah. C’mon.

(Toby Bailey is walking by and takes their picture since he has nothing better to do.)

KL: Thanks a lot, Did. Hey, you should come to class with us. It’s a business media entrepreneurship kind of thing. You could probably actually get a lot out of it. There’s a ton of people in there, so the prof wouldn’t even mind if you sat in.

Diddy: Yeah, yeah.

(The foursome walk to class and sit down to start learning.)

Trey Kerby: Hey guys! Just getting some blogging ideas!