Oh snap, that’s a shirt-based purple and gold Kobe Bryant zing if I’ve ever seen one. Not sure why Brandon Jennings — and Under Armour, who seem to be using ill subliminal disses as part of their new marketing strategy — is snapping on Kobe, but I like it. It reminds me of the early 90s Reebok/Nike shoe battles that saw the two companies battling each other in various ads, and that was a good time for everyone.

Here’s hoping this is the beginning of a very weird rivalry between Brandon Jennings and Kobe Bryant, and by extension, the Bucks and Lakers. No idea how that sort of thing would play out, but this is a good start.

And seriously, snakes are the worst.

(via NBA Offseason)

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  1. Bucks’ Alcindor > Lakers’ Jabbar

  2. Does anyone actually like the Milwaukee Bucks?

  3. I’m sure Kobe’s gonna lose a lot of sleep over this.

  4. A lot of snakes out there are like, “Whoa whoa, let’s not use such a broad brush, people!”

  5. On the other hand, some snakes are like, “Well, we are kind of creepy.”

  6. If I recall correctly, Kobe doesn’t sleep that much to begin with.

  7. you know brandon jennings is from LA, so he’s def a Kobe fan…that shirt could also be seen as a compliment, think about it.


  8. Marco, Who doesn’t like the Bucks? Is there anything unlikable about them? or am I missing something? Who doesn’t like to say fear the Deer?

  9. Isn’t the general notion that we ALL hate Kobe anyway? Great player and all, we hate him for being so good…? I always thought that’s a given?

  10. @Kfunk :

    What could be cooler to shout than “Fear the Deer”? So yeah.. Bucks are cool :)

    ps: maybe just “Fear the beard”, but thats another story…

  11. @Stefan

    It’s his personality people hate, not his game.

  12. I can’t find it on the Under Armour site. Is this for sale somewhere or does Brandon Jennings just get it because he works for Under Armour?

  13. Aw, that’s kind of precious. Brendon Jennings picking a t-shirt fight.

  14. Don’t be surprised if Kobe tries to score 65 on the Bucks next time they meet.

    That being said, I don’t mind Jennings doing this, nor would I mind Kobe being pissed about it, I’m actually looking forward to it.

  15. Somebody needs a wake up call.

  16. he should change the text to: nobody likes a guy that shoots 37% from the field

  17. What does Kobe’s answer t-shirt should say? How about “100% talk, 39% walk”?

  18. Or “I only hear 39% of the steps”.

  19. “you know brandon jennings is from LA, so he’s def a Kobe fan”
    I’m French.. I want to punvh Tony Parker in the face.
    Any questions?

    Not everyone is a homer.

  20. *punch Tony Parker in the face.

  21. Oh, and Alice Cooper is like “wtf?”

  22. kobe should wear a shirt that says..”Nobody likes a Nobody”….with a pic of BJ on it…

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