Due to the lockout, NBA teams are not allowed contact with their players, not even via the Internet. Anyone caught contacting their players is subject to a sizable fine, regardless of when or where the contact takes place. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, since executives and players can easily keep to themselves. Sure, it’s inconvenient for everyone involved, but it’s a fairly easy thing to achieve. It’s not like David Kahn and Michael Beasley are hanging out in the same places anyways.

However, this weekend brings the marquee event of the summer: the Kris Humphries/Kim Kardashian wedding that we’ve all been waiting for for months. Since Kris is a basketball player, he’s going to want some of his teammates and business people there, even though that’s a no-no right now.

Fortunately for him, the league is being totally cool about it because they want this day to be everything he’s dreamed of. From the AP:

The Nets can accept their invitation to Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

A team official says the Nets have been granted permission to attend the reality star’s marriage to forward Kris Humphries on Saturday in California.

General manager Billy King and other members of the Nets’ basketball operations department are expected to attend the ceremony of their free agent forward, the official told The Associated Press today on condition of anonymity because the guest list was to remain private.

Phew. Crisis averted. Kris’ special day is going to be everything he’s ever imagined — tons of video cameras recording the proceedings for a reality television show, a bride who became famous because of a sex tape with a little-known R&B singer and a room full of basketball players and executives. It’s just like every little boy pictures when they’re planning their fantasy wedding.

For us peons that didn’t get invites for some strange reason, let’s hope someone sneaks in a camera phone so we can see what it’s like when a whole team worth of NBA players are together on a hardwood floor. Knowing Avery Johnson, I’d imagine he’ll get some drills in at the reception.