If Kobe Bryant making a lightly-contested 15-footer in a summer pickup game doesn’t the settle the clutch-or-not debate, then nothing ever will.

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  1. Yeah!

    Kobe is clutchest!!111! All you haters can go ride LeBron’s dick!11!!


  2. my favorite part is the guy desperately jumping and trying to hi-five Kobe after the shot

  3. He was a good sport about being jumped at the end of the game.

  4. kobe is sooo nice ooooooo

  5. Actually, Trey, if you are being honest with yourself, that’s not lightly contested, at all. He was directly inside the three point line, and James Harden wasn’t ceding him an uncontested shot, at all. Harden was waiting for Kobe to post, and when he didn’t he jumped out at his jumper with a fully extended arm. That was Harden playing Defense.

  6. It was fine defense for a summer league game, I’ll give you that.

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  8. love the kids wrestling eachother for one of kobes sneakers

  9. Seriously, who records with a big ass iPad 2? 1:33

  10. haha i missed the ipad first time round.

    Seriously though they are trying to stop him scoring.

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  12. James… Defense… wow

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