How much money would it take to have Ronny Turiaf react to everything good that happens anywhere? Because I really think we need to look in to that.

You get an A- on your art final, Ronny Turiaf goes nuts. Your first baby is born and gets an Apgar score of 8, Ronny Turiaf has a conniption. You find a great Mexican place that serves delicious shrimp burritos and extra cinnamony horchata, Ronny Turiaf celebrates with reckless abandon. Literally anything great is made even greater by Ronny Turiaf throwing himself a happiness party.

However much it costs, it’s totally worth it. I’ll throw in 20 bucks. What do you guys have?

(via Unionversity)

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  1. Somebody’s been watchin some good ol’ harlem globetrotters

  2. Ronny clearly loves the game and it is AWESOME!

    If only he played for LAC (cause of a dude named Griffin)!

  3. He should get invited as a color comentary any night that his team rests :))))))

  4. MAD shoutouts to knowing “cinnamony horchata”
    That drink is THE ISH!

  5. MAD shoutouts to Trey for knowing “cinnamony horchata”
    That drink is THE ISH!

  6. ronny is awesome (and Batum’s dunk was SICK)

  7. That was a sexy dunk… Ronny, you took my thunder.. LOL

  8. Perfect for bowling strikes.

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