i liked the knicks before you liked the knicks
before they were the knicks even
back in the knickerbocker days

derek harper
charles smith
xavier mcdaniel

you know
the goons
the guys who play hard
play tough
bust skulls
win games

i still call them the knickerbockers

“the knicks are back”
that’s what amar’e told us
he was right

now he’s wrong
the knicks are gone
the nba is gone
it’s the lockout
and we’re locked out

from joy
from happiness
from basketball
from life

what was once
a beautiful marriage
between city
and team
is over
but not forgotten

they’ll be back
amar’e chauncey
landry ronny
shawne shelden
toney and jared

they’ll be back
they’ll be back
no doubt

they’ll be back
but it won’t be the same

(image via groteskito/NBA Offseason)