“We’re playing the Knicks, and I was walking back, it was a timeout, walking back to a free throw. You know how guys lineup on the freethrow line. And, like, I had this horrible, horrible gas that whole game, and so I let it go as I was walking back. [...] And I line up, and look over and one of ‘em’s like, ‘Oh my gosh! What is that?!’ And I looked at him and I was so worried that everybody was gonna catch on, so I was like, ‘Who did that?! Oh my god! Are you serious?’”Blake Griffin, somehow making the Mozgov dunk even better

(via TrueHoop)

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  1. Listen to the podcast. It’s really funny. Blake has a great humor…

  2. The fart must’ve acted like a rocket exhaust, how could he otherwise achieve such enormous heights?

  3. I like this theory. Blake Griffin dunks similarly to how Wario fights in Smash Bros. I can get behind that.

  4. Angelo, I would not “get behind that”.

  5. Wind resistance, surely there is some science behind this. No?

    The thing that worries with this article, besides most of the content, is the whole game part. Clippers trainers had to worried, Talk about being fined tuned athletes. Yuck.

  6. Its part of life… RIP THINGS IN HALF

  7. No Ronny Turiaf reaction video? Lame

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