Hey, don’t blame me. Blame the more than 2,000 Americans who voted in a recent Ipsos poll intended to determine celebrity likability. How do you anti-congratulate somebody?

As you can see, 29 percent of these people had an unfavorable opinion of LeBron, which actually seems a bit low to me considering how much people love to hate the guy. Just think of two of your best friends. Does only one of you not like him? According to this, that’s the case. Compared to this time last year, that might be progress.

But hey, at least he’s only unliked. Kobe Bryant ended up tenth on the “least trusted” list with 40 percent of respondents saying the Kobester isn’t trustworthy. That’s what happens when you nickname yourself after a snake.

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  1. Another dumb poll. Kanye is #3 and his new record with JayZ destroyed Itunes records. Get this shit outta here b.

  2. That lists not so bad, may aswell be a Forbes rich list. I’d happily be on that list if it meant 29% of 2000 americans didnt like me…

  3. lol @Mike
    Doesn’t mean a thing, son.
    I’m pretty sure less than 55% of americans bought his last album.

    Re: poll
    Why would anyone trust Steve Jobs?
    Are people that stupid?

    And why the hell would anyone do business in a company only because it’s endorsed by Betty Whote or Kate Middleton? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  4. *Betty White

    Also, @Elliot no-one hates Carlos Slim apparently, so, yeah.

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