Oh yeah, definitely on board with these bad riders, the “Class of ’11″ collection from Million Dollar Ballers. If you’re a little slow on the uptake, they’re offering Artis Gilmore, Chris Mullin and Dennis Rodman t-shirts to commemorate those three dudes’ entrance in to the Naismith Hall of Fame. I’m guessing Arvydas Sabonis wasn’t included because his head wouldn’t fit on a standard shirt and only Ghostface can pull of the “comically oversized t-shirt with someone’s face on it” look.

Nonetheless, these are really great and Million Dollar Ballers really lucked out that three guys with very identifiable looks were inducted in to the Hall of Fame together. Each shirt retails for $35 and there are two colorways for each version. Naturally, the Rodman shirt switches hair colors. Here’s hoping these guys expand their line, because I could really go for a shirt featuring that red swoop Rodman used to have.

If you’re looking for a way to honor this year’s Hall of Famers, these shirts really can’t be beat. Just be thankful Jeff Hornacek didn’t get chosen this year, because that would be a super boring shirt.

(via Dime)